- Pain Testimonials

"I've had severe neck and shoulder pain for several years and have tried yoga, physical therapy and massage to help address it, but saw no improvement. I went in for a treatment, not knowing what to expect, and Nancie's kind, nurturing demeanor put me completely at ease. She was extremely knowledgeable and took her time to explain what the treatment would entail. Afterwards, my neck and shoulder felt better than they had in years. It was as if years of pain and discomfort were erased, and I felt great. I will definitely go back for further treatment and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone."

-Anna K.

"I've had chronic lower back pain for over 14 yrs. and have been seeing a Chiropractor for the same amount of time. I decided to try acupuncture with Nancie 4 weeks ago, and the results are astounding. My pain is very minimal now and I can actually cut my visits to the Chiropractor. I should have done this years ago!
-Sharon B., 43 yrs. old

"When I first visited Nancie, I had been suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain for over a year. My daily activities were limited. Traditional methods of treatments were unsuccessful and frustrating. With her caring demeanor, Nancie explained acupuncture and cupping techniques. After only a few treatments, my quality of life has improved significantly. Now I only experience a slight tightness but I have regained full motion and ability in my neck. I can’t say enough to how grateful I am to have found Nancie’s practice.  Thank you!"
-Anita, 45 yrs. old

"I had wrist and thumb pain for months as a result of my job. I went to a hand specialist who told me that all he could offer me was cortisone shots or surgery. I did not want to try either. I tried acupuncture and after 3 treatments, my pain went away completely.  I also decided to see if acupuncture could help a summer cold I was getting and after 1 treatment and herbs my cold/flu was gone.  To all the non-believers, I highly recommend this type of treatment!"
-Duke, 40 yrs. old

"I first came to Nancie with a bad back & neck, a pinched nerve in my right leg from Spinal Stenosis and a limited ability to walk.  After about 7 sessions I am walking much better and moving much better in general.  I still have some aches & pains but I am very happy with my progress and would certainly refer Nancie to my friends & family."
-Richard, 86 yrs. old

”My mom raved about her appointment with you this evening and said she's already feeling some relief from the incessant pain she's been experiencing. I know firsthand how wonderful acupuncture can be, as my TMJ was severely inflamed several years ago and total relief was attained in only 2 visits. She also told me how thoughtful you were, not only in accommodating her with an appointment tonight, but also in personally helping her find the location.

Thank you for all of the above". Peace...love...happiness...   

“Your treatments helped to relieve pain and discomfort in my wrist due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Thank you"
All good things,

- Fertility Testimonials

"My husband and I always wanted to have children, and we were not expecting our journey to baby to be so challenging and difficult.  We tried for a few years to conceive on our own, and when that did not work out, we sought treatment from a fertility specialist.  After nearly two years of infertility treatments, medications, blood work, procedures, multiple IUI/IVF cycles, we were still unsuccessful.  It was such an emotional time for us.  At one of our appointments with our fertility specialists, he suggested to change one of our medications to an injection and also try acupuncture.

I started weekly acupuncture treatment with Nancie in September 2016.  She provided such a calming and relaxing environment, and it helped my mind and body prepare for pregnancy.  In early November, my husband and I found out we were pregnant!  I continued acupuncture throughout my first trimester, which eased my nausea, headaches, dizziness.  I am now in my second trimester, expecting a baby boy in July 2017!  

I would definitely recommend acupuncture treatment for any woman trying to conceive, especially if they are experiencing infertility."
-Vanessa,  31 yrs. old

"I wanted to share the good news with you. I'm 10 1/2 weeks pregnant now and the good news is we heard the heartbeat back at 7 weeks which is further than I've gotten in any pregnancy since my daughter. I've been feeling perfectly awful, which also reminds me everyday that things are working the way they are supposed to! So I'm still nervous considering my issues in the past, but so far so good. The baby is due mid-April and God-willing, my daughter will be a big sister then."

Thank you! 


"I'm PREGNANT! I cant believe it! Almost a year of trying, going to fertility doctors and doing treatments and I see you for less than a month and it finally happened! I dont think it would've happened if I had not started seeing you for sessions. I had gone to other acupuncturists and I never got the personal, intensive attention I needed and was left month after month dealing with the disappointment of not conceiving. I had my doubts trying acupuncture again but I'm so glad I did because you gave me the attention I needed during this difficult process. From the very first session it was different and my body felt different and now here I am 3 weeks later and pregnant! Now we can focus on the next 9 months and helping me deliver a beautiful healthy baby! Thank you so much Nancie!"
-Jackie, 31 yrs. old

"Nancie treated me for severe back and sciatic nerve pain over a month ago and the results were unlike anything else I have tried. I have a herniated disk and two bulging disks which cause me to have severe pain from my back to my ankle. I had gone to physical therapy, a chiropractor, and had had massages, but none of those treatments gave me as much relief as one session with Nancie. I was treated with acupuncture needles as well as with a technique called cupping. I will be honest, the cupping can be uncomfortable, but the benefits were immeasurable. Nancie had described this treatment as a massage from the inside out, and that is exactly how it felt! I remember thinking that it felt like the knots in my muscles were being literally pulled apart (something that no other treatment had accomplished). When I walked out of Nancie’s treatment room, I was brought to tears, because for the first time in months, I was not in pain. I recommend Nancie and all of her treatments to anyone who is pain, whether it is mental or physical. The experience was one of the best I have ever had and I left feeling relaxed, happy and most of all, not in pain!

Thank you Nancie and I will see you soon!"        

-Lisa I.

- Migraine  Testimonials

"As a migraine sufferer for some 20+ years, I can honestly say Nancie is truly an angel.  I had many questions -- she was kind, patient and explained what she would do. Thanks to her, I am no longer dependent on popping daily migraine pills. Relief was found quickly as I found myself waking up in the morning without a migraine and not having to reach for pills just to get out of bed. Days would go by without my having a migraine or needing to pop pills. I would look forward to sessions as it forced me to take the time to slow down, relax and re-set. Sometimes I would even fall asleep during the sessions – imagine that - needles in me and I’m sleeping.  

Thank you Nancie for mastering this amazing art known as Acupuncture – it has made such a difference in my life." 
-Deb M., 46 yrs. old

“Nancy is an excellent acupuncturist. She is very thorough with her assessments. She makes recommendations and suggestions. She is very intuitive and can usually tell what area needs relief. She has an excellent "bedside" manner and is genuine in her wholistic approach to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She was/is an integral part of my recovery."
-Maura C., 47 yrs. old

- Anxiety Testimonials

"My experience with Nancie was the best experience I have ever encountered.  I started off having a case of moderate anxiety.  After my first session, I have noticed a significant improvement in my stress and anxiety levels!  I enjoy having Nancie help me out.  
Thank you Nancie for helping me out.  I could not have done it without you."
-Joshua, 15 yrs. old, Asperger Syndrome

Prior to my initial visit with Nancie Forrest, I was really nervous. That is part of my personality profile. However, after this initial orientation visit, I was refreshed and uplifted. Nancy took a lot of time to VERY ATTENTIVLEY evaluate a top notch treatment plan. I said at the end of this first visit "I'm glad I came to you. Nancie asked why? "Because you care!!!" She glowingly smiled, which confirms that this is true fact!

Results weeks later: Calmness, positive attitude, and relief of depressive/anxious feelings are greatly improved. Also, my additional condition of foot bunions and shin splints Nancie treated are greatly relieved, as well as the tension in my sinuses and jawline My podiatrist prescribed physical therapy treatments that did not really help. Nancie's acupuncture treatments really "did help".

Specifically, the podiatrist confirmed that the swelling, muscle strength and mobility of the affected ankle and calf/shin area were completely restored. I did not tell him that the success was not from physical therapy, but from acupuncture. Medical doctors have an aversion to alternative medicine.I am very, very, grateful. Nancie is a gem. Thank you.
-Nicholas D.

- Menopause Testimonials

"My experience with Nancie is wonderful. I came to Nancie for help with menopause. I was suffering with hot flashes, sweats and chills. They were driving me crazy and I couldn’t function through my days and nights were even worse.  After my third session with Nancie, all my symptoms reduced. Nancie also helped me with herbs for my menopause, with acupuncture and the herbs I can say that all the symptoms have left. I never knew that acupuncture could make such a difference in my life. I now tell everyone I know how wonderful the experience is. Thank you Nancie!”

-Christina, 62 yrs. old